2018 Capital Cup Champions

Julia Riley                 Haleigh Forand

Kaylee Harper          Grace Pelletier

Madeline Heyburn    Madeline Johnson

Alora Davis               Erin Cannon

Chloe Osborn           Fiona Stewart

Clare Madden          Jordan Pastro



The Importance of Self Rostering

  • Please self roster for all tournaments now, as soon as you are assigned to a team.
  • This is required by tournaments because it includes their liability waiver.
  • It's important everyone on a team is self rostered, even if you think you won't be at that tournament. The tournament directors don't know who is attending from the team and are expecting everyone on our roster to be recorded. They will keep asking us until everyone completes the roster process.
  • Self rostering is also imporant to the older girl's team because the self roster process puts you on the tournaments college coach handout.                                       

​​​Virginia United Girls Lacrosse